My goal for Takes a Tiger was to create a YouTube channel that highlighted the students, faculty and alumni of the university. I planned to promote the videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Storify and Vine. It was very hard to get a following on all of these social media platforms. I had the most success on Facebook and Twitter. By the end of the project, my Facebook page had 138 fans and my Twitter had 38 followers. I found that Twitter was the best platform to engage and interact with others about my content. Whenever I sent out a tweet with a link to a video, I would use specific hashtags and tag certain people in the message to get more views on each feature. It was easy to get favorites and a few retweets, but it was hard to gain a following. I found that the best way to gain followers, is simply by asking people you know to follow your work.

In my last post, I wrote that I wanted to gain 10 more followers on both Facebook and Twitter. I was able to gain 10 followers on Twitter, but only four on Facebook. As I said before, I felt like Twitter was the best social media platform to promote my work.

This project was very rewarding. It was a lot of hard work to manage different social media accounts and produce content nearly every week. However, I’ve learned how to use Twitter more effectively and efficiently, and I was able to practice my broadcast skills. I’ve always wanted to do features on LSU students, faculty and alumni. Since our school is so huge, I feel like there’s a lot of stories to tell. Next year, I plan to continue Takes a Tiger. It won’t have weekly content, but I would like to continue making features and promoting them on Takes a Tiger’s social media.

Thank you Knight Foundation for awarding me my grant and giving me the excuse to produce consecutive work and learn more about social media.