Alyssa and I have launched our #kneaux LSU campaign! we have a Facebook, Twitter and website all up and running. We put in a request to get an official website and possibly even an app in late January. After we were told we were close to getting approval we delayed promotion/activity of our website so as to avoid confusion.

Unfortunately, we are still in the process of recieving approval to fund our website yet, but we are going to go ahead with #KNEAUX LSU with what we have. So far we have made weekly “let us #Kneaux” posts and “yak of the week posts” along with a few posts about campus relations/ events.

Seeing as the projects should be wrapping up in about six weeks, we will not use any of our budget to promote our social media. We also were denied any ideas we came up with for incentivizing interactions with our media, so that made gaining followers difficult.

In the next few weeks we will request people to retweet and share any posts we make dealing with campus communication. Another thought Alyssa and I had was to perhaps have a blowout event when classes get out for spring break. We plan to use our budget to make this a fun interesting event similar to the paint party LSU did for homecoming last year. At this event we can gather community opinions with polls and we can communicate what will be happening with our university next school year. this will be especially pertinent with big changes like the budget cuts, new grading scale and UREC expansion looming.