Student running the project: Madelyn Duhon

Faculty member advising: Paige Brown

Category: Wild card

Purpose: to educate Louisiana publics, focusing on sportsmen and women, about coastal restoration and to increase their active support for coastal restoration

Process/how it will use social media: To inform and motivate followers on costervation issues, particularly coastal restoration, I will build a deeper feeling of community around the Louisiana Wildlife Federation’s Louisiana Camouflage Coalition by interacting on Twitter and Facebook, producing more frequent blog content connected to action requests and emerging news on issues such as the BP oil spill trial and the state’s annual coastal plan.

Public meetings around Louisiana’s state coastal annual plan in February will be live-tweeted and a specific hashtag created for people to follow and use. This information will also be written into more in-depth, informative blog posts, which will include Storifys of the tweets.

Another strategy would create a new hashtag campaign in March asking followers to tweet photos, videos or memes of their outdoor pursuits in coastal Louisiana. This hashtag campaign would create personal engagement and fun while showing the importance of coastal habitat and wildlife in Louisiana. The campaign could feed content to the website and the LWF Facebook page.

How it will engage and/or inform the community: This multi-faceted social media campaign will both engage and inform the community about coastal issues and restoration because they will be receiving news in a informative but fun manner. By sharing photos people share, it will also be telling resident’s personal stories.

How I plan to measure success: Social media analytic platforms will be used to compare increases in the number of Twitter and Facebook followers, along with engagements and other statistics. I will also compare attendance numbers for public meetings from the past to the present as the social media campaign encourages people to attend in person and via social media.


February 2015: Twitter campaigns on coastal restoration annual plan and BP civil trial.

March 2015:  Hashtag campaign on Twitter and turn tweets in mini-campaign into blog content on

April 2015:   Social media campaign on oil spill anniversary and produce wrap-up report and present to LWF

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWF) is a statewide environmental organization dedicated to conserving our natural resources and protecting people’s right to enjoy them. Affiliated organizations and members include hunters, anglers, paddlers, hikers, birders, and other outdoor enthusiasts. LWF is celebrating its 75th year. Since 2010, LWF has partnered in the Vanishing Paradise campaign to build regional and national awareness of Louisiana’s coastal restoration needs among sportsmen and women. The Louisiana Camouflage Coalition organizes action and awareness at the state level.

Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWF) created the Louisiana Camouflage Coalition in 2014 as an online blog and action center supported by the Voter Voice platform to inform and motivate hunters and anglers on conservation issues, particularly coastal restoration. Currently there are nearly 5,000 subscribers at who receive action alerts but not all take action.