Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 7.11.23 PMMy name is Joanie Lyons, I am a Manship School of Mass Communication Sophomore and my grant project idea is titled Move Happy Louisiana.

After living in Louisiana for two Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.37.01 PMyears and being a Denver native, I realized how much of a problem active lifestyle safety (running, walking, biking etc.) was in this state. So after much thought and research, I’ve started the process to hopefully do something about it.

The reason why I am applying for this grant is to fund this campaign I have started to think about. What I hope to make out of this would be a campaign using multiple social media platforms (the obvious Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, a website for the campaign) to help educate the public on safety issues, update the public on current events within the community involving these issues and keep people up to date with the campaign’s progress with meetings with local and state officials. I also would like to use some platforms such as Pinterest and Storify to create a curation of news centering around the Baton Rouge area and the state of Louisiana with progress on legislation or building of sidewalks, cross walks, bike paths, deaths of pedestrians and bicyclists and beyond.

I also hope to potentially create my own application to show bikers, runners and walkers safe ways to get from one destination to the next with bike paths and sidewalks and where previous deaths are of bicyclists and runners are located.

The way I would go about doing all of this would be first starting with the campaign’s website, the campaign’s logos, purpose and start gathering content. Then I would move into creating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts to really start engaging people in the community and get the word out there. I would then move into the curation platforms most likely at the same time I create the other Social Media platforms to give people a better understanding of the news surrounding these issues. Finally, I would start the process of creating the application of maps for the campaign to give the public a safer way to commute without a vehicle.

I would try to measure the progress of my campaign through Google Analytics, tracking how many people are viewing the website and engaging with the content, and I will also probably use Facebook Insights and their comparisons on other platforms to also track the success. Personally, I would love for this whole campaign to get at least 10,000 likes on Facebook before this time next year.

Technically speaking, my project would actually fit into various categories of those that the grant sponsors. Not only would it fit under Community News and University News, but it also would fall under the Watchdog category and even Sports. However, I would say that my project would fall best under the Community News category.

I do not have a specific faculty member just yet who will be advising me on this project, but I hope to have either Venessa Lewis, Visual Communications Professor for the Manship School or Granger Babcock, Associate Dean of the Roger H. Ogden Honors College advise me on the project. I would hope to finish my project by Nov. 17 to really get the campaign rolling in the state of Louisiana.

Thank you so much for reading the details on my campaign project and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to potentially receive the Manship Knight Social Media News Challenge grant.