Student who will run the project: Taylor Curet, Rachel Richlinski

Other students involved, if any: Morgan Beard, Johnny Lombardi

Faculty member who is advising the project: Tad Odell

Category: Sports

Purpose:  There’s something remarkable about the allure of LSU sports. From the fans, to the current and former athletes and coaches, LSU sports bring so much pride to those involved.

At Tiger TV Sports, we would like to capture the emotions and passion of anyone who’s ever called themselves an LSU fan, athlete or Tiger. Through Manship Knight’s Social Media News Challenge we plan to aggregate all the tweets, pictures, videos, posts, vines, etc. to one platform, allowing viewers to consume the best and most relevant content involving LSU sports.

Process: Every day, there is something compelling happening in the world of LSU Sports. For several events throughout the semester, be it an LSU football game, basketball media day or extracurricular event with student-athletes, we want fans to feel like they were immersed in the event by compiling all of the best social media content into one place.

How it will use social media, including specific social media tool(s) to be used: Using Storify, we plan to collect the most interesting posts across every social medium to create one great story. For example, we will include tweets from former athletes, the best fan photos, videos of current players during the event, the best soundbites and the most amusing posts that will grab an audience.


How it will engage and/or inform the community: It will hopefully engage the LSU community by entertaining. The more eyes that see a particular post, the more people that are informed about an event or happening. The more sharing of an event, the more significant that event becomes and in turn, brings people’s attention back the next time.

How you plan to measure success: By how many people view and share our stories.

Timetable: Until April