I (Rachel Richlinski) will need help running my project since it would require different people to be in separate places at the same time.
Tad Odell is advising my project.
The category is university news/ sports news.
The purpose is to make it easier for students to access score updates, entertainment, photos, videos, etc. of whatever sporting event is happening on campus day of.
This would happen through using Storify. The workers would have to shift through all other social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram) to find the best posts to drop into the Storify. That way students wouldn’t have to do all the searching… We would do it for them.
This would help because I know that as an LSU sports fan I hate trying to find updates on scores and bloopers from games because that means I have to search on different social media sites for it. Having one Storify to do the job for everyone would save students time and they would be more likely to visit the Storify than search for themselves.
I would measure the success by how many views the Storify would get and by word of mouth from students.
This would be the full year project. I would like to see it even expand to just an LSU Storify eventually, but that would take more time and more workers.