Student who will run the project: Preston Guy

Other students involved: Alyssa Perot-Heltz

Faculty member: not yet selected (will likely ask Roxanne Dill)

Category: Wild Card

Purpose: to collect quantitative data that can be used for research projects, media outlets and public knowledge/education

Process: I will conduct a weekly poll encouraging as many people to answer the questions about LSU. This will be the primary purpose of the project, but it is only one of the interactive functions. It will include other “fun” weekly features so the followers do not perceive it as boring or statistical. Weekly features would include Snapchat of the week (from students sent to the Kneaux LSU snapchat), tweet of the week (most likely from a celebrity or athlete involving LSU), Yik Yak of the week (the funniest appropriate post on LSU’s Yik Yak) and potentially other user submitted media.

How it will use social media: I intend to create a Facebook page, a twitter handle, an instagram and snapchat for Kneaux LSU. I will use my personal Yik Yak to find my “Yak of the week.” Facebook will be the medium that brings all other tools together. it will be the link for the polls and post all weekly features. I start a snapchat and use “my story” to send any interesting on campus events and to remind users to vote in polls.on I will tweet reminders to interact on twitter and send links. on instagram I will post my all of my weekly features and again remind people to vote in the polls with links.

How it will engage and/or inform the community: people will be encouraged to tweet us, snapchat us cool campus happenings and potentially mention us in yik yak. the polls are inherantly interactive and will provide somewhat reliable quantitative data for an abundance of uses. interaction will be rewarded with gift cards and spotlight.
How you plan to measure success: by the amount of data compiled. if we can compile enough good enough data for media outlets to use and publish it would have to be considered a success. long-term if this became a popular enough medium, we could use it to advertise and make it profitable.
Timetable: would launch by the end of November and would go until the end of 2015

*details have yet to worked out and elaborated and are very negotiable. everything posted here is 100 percent conceptual.