Updates: This student decided to withdraw her application.

Student who will run the project: Emily Wynn

Faculty member: Kasey Windels

Category: Wild Card

Purpose: My objective for this project is to inform Millennials (ages 18-33) in ways that are relevant to their fast-paced lifestyle. Their fast-paced lifestyle makes it difficult to stay up to date on current news topics, especially since traditional news outlets, such as media websites, newspapers, and news broadcasts are time demanding. I am no exception to this lifestyle. I am just as guilty of being ignorant of local, national, and especially global events because of my lack of time to engage with the news. Recognizing the need in my own life for the type of social media news outlet I am proposing encourages me that other Millennials need it too. The name of the social media news site itself, “In the kNOW,” summarizes my goal of helping Millennials be “in the know” in a quick manner, “NOW.”

Process: My strategy is to create headline-related, engaging content that educates Millennials. In order to engage Millennials with the news, I plan to bring the news to the platforms they currently spend most of their time. Of the leading social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have the highest levels of engagement. According to Pew Research’s social media update for 2013, 63% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day and 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day. In order to implement my strategy, I plan on creating an Instagram account called “In the kNOW” where I would post the headline-related news content I create 2-3 times a week. In order to get Millennials to engage with this content, it must be presented to them in an entertaining way that does not feel like they are being bombarded with information. Knowledge of headline-related news would happen as an effect of engaging in the entertaining content. I plan to use a mix of images and video for my content. Involving Millennials as the subjects in these posts will have the best effect because people love to see their friends and are more likely to engage in the content/share if they know someone involved. Also, it will be more entertaining to see what Millennials think and have to say. Some ideas I have for entertaining content include but are not limited to: interviews, reporting, contests, man on the street, parody and memes. The videos would be short enough to be posted to Instagram (3 to 15 seconds). To promote the Instagram account, I would create an “In the kNOW” Facebook page that will link to the posts on the Instagram account. I also plan on sharing and encouraging my personal contacts to share the posts and brand page through their personal Facebook accounts. In order to get the word out past my sphere of influence, I plan on posting flyers around LSU’s campus and other popular areas frequented by Millennials in Baton Rouge, which would encourage people to follow the Instagram account.

How it will use social media: The project will use social media through the use of an Instagram account called “In the kNOW,” as well as Facebook to promote the Instagram account.

How it will engage and/or inform the community: 2-3 entertaining, headline-related news posts would be created each week.

Measure of Success: Success of this project will be measured by the number of followers/likes the “In the kNOW” Instagram and Facebook accounts gain, as well as the average numbers of likes, shares, and comments the content gains. I will compare my success to the numbers of a similar local news platform: The Daily Reveille, LSU’s student-ran newspaper. This newspaper’s target is Millennials and is run by Millennials. They cover topics that span from local, national, to global as well. The Daily Reveille’s Instagram account has 574 followers and their Facebook account has 6,560 likes. At the close of this project, I will look closer at their average interaction numbers in order to compare my success to theirs.

Timetable: I plan to complete this project by April 20.