Name: Rebekah Phillips

Sponsor: Josh Grimm

Category: Entertainment

Proposal: It’s common knowledge that college students operate on a tight budget. They’re also always on the look-out for a good time. My proposal is to provide students with information about how they can have a great time at local venues and events without breaking the bank…or subsisting on ramen noodles. In the process, they will also learn about local news as I explore important issues relevant to the event or venue I’m covering.

Process: Each week, I will pick one venue or event to attend with a set amount of cash and a goal to have the most fun possible on my limited budget. I will document the event with photos as well as input from other attendees, employees, volunteers, etc. I will post in real time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will also write a Tumblr blog post about each event.

Community Involvement: I hope to get other students engaged in sharing their own money-saving entertainment ideas in the form of comments and/or submissions and to perpetuate the discussion about local culture, events and issues.

Measure for Success: Success will be measured in reader feedback and participation: likes, comments, submissions, retweets, etc.