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Louisiana State University is a huge school with tons of interesting students, faculty and events.

I want to start a weekly webcast that highlights a student, faculty or an event on campus. The show would be 3-5 minute webcast posted to YouTube. I would also use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote the show and highlight the students, staff and interesting events on campus.

There are tons of different groups on campus. There are athletes, Greeks, band members, engineers, veterinarians and film-makers, just to name a few! I want to highlight those that are achieving great things with an LSU education.

I want to make these feature pieces fun! One idea, would be a feature with Mike the Tiger. I would do a short interview with Mike and then challenge him to a dance off, so he could show off his famous game day moves.

I love LSU and take so much pride in being a part of the university. I want a chance to showcase how great our school is not just to the community but also to everyone online, even the corn dog haters.

Name: Jac Bedrossian

Faculty Advisor: Joshua Grimm

Category: University

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to highlight students, faculty and organizations on campus.

Process: Each week I will feature a few people or events on camera. I will edit the show into a 3-5 minute webcast.

Social Media: I plan on posting the webcasts to YouTube. I will use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote the show and other things happening on campus.

Community Engagement: I plan to ask questions on social media and use the responses in my show.

Measure of Success: I will define success by the number of likes and views I get on each show.

Time Table: The project will be completed by April 20th.